I’m asked almost daily, “Why ‘White Glove’ Sports?”

That’s simple.  First, white gloves are emblematic of opulence and quality.  This isn’t sports news for the beer-guzzling, pugilistic boor.  It’s sports news for the Scotch-guzzling, pugilistic boor.

But secondly, white gloves are indelibly intertwined in our most iconic sports moments.  Try to imagine Ali standing over Liston like a victorious gladiator without his trademarked white gloves.

Muhammad color

And what about Tiger Woods’ iconic fist pump?  It wouldn’t be the same without his white glove.

Tiger fist

Now look at this famous photo of Michael Jordan celebrating his game-winning shot against the Cavaliers with his white gloves photoshopped out.  It looks strange, doesn’t it?  Less powerful somehow.


White gloves represent the highest level of sports.  And White Glove Sports represents the pinnacle of journalistic quality.


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