Steph Curry Can’t Understand Why McCormick Doesn’t Call for Curry Powder Endorsement

StephOakland, CA – Star guard for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, announced today that he doesn’t understand why McCormick won’t call his agent for a curry powder endorsement. Curry recently signed massive endorsement deals with Under Armor and is a spokesperson for JP Morgan Chase.

“My name’s Curry,” said a despondent Curry.  “They’re selling curry.  It’s the perfect combination.”  The two time MVP and reigning NBA champion went on to say, “I love curry.  We’ve been contacted by Regal, Swanson’s, several of the other ones, but I didn’t drop 402 three pointers this season to deal with second-rate curry.”

“I’ve worked out all sorts of slogans,” Curry added.  “’McCormick’s MVP curry.’  We could call it ‘Curry’s Curry’ or ‘Steph’s Curry.’  I just don’t get why they won’t call  It’s like they don’t like money.”

Curry, who has set several NBA records during his career, is also a celebrated gourmand and amateur chef.  “I love a good curry.  And the only curry that’s good enough for this Curry is McCormick.  See?  They write themselves!”

Some teammates were reached for comment, among them the other ‘Splash Brother’ Klay Thompson.  “Yeah, he’ll drain a big three-pointer in a game and then come back on defense and say ‘you think McCormick saw that?’  He’s obsessed.  He brings in these dishes he made to practice all the time – fish curry, prawn curry, coconut curry.  Sometimes I think that’s all he eats.”

Curry and his agent will have an entire off-season to continue their efforts to capture the curry whale, McCormick.

When asked for comment, a spokesperson for McCormick said, “I don’t know why LeBron won’t call us.”


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