Super Bowl Quarterback Breakdown

Although both teams in Super Bowl 50 boast formidable defenses, the spotlight is squarely on the two quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, in what many are calling a “passing of the torch.”  Over the past few weeks, the issue of race has reared its head, due in part to criticisms about Cam Newton’s often vibrant touchdown celebrations and exacerbated by comments made earlier in the week by Newton himself that people are scared of his ‘blackness.’  But these star quarterbacks are similar in more ways than you might think, so here’s a breakdown of this historic matchup, leaving race out the analysis all together.

Peyton Manning


Nickname: The Sheriff

Described as: 6’5”, laser rocket arm, leader, student of the game, cerebral

Drinks: Gatorade, greatness

Hobbies: Winning; appearing in every television ad

Wants only to win, but in a classy, small-town America way

Touchdown celebrations: Classy, respectful

Your grandfather says: “You can set your watch to that haircut!”

What people remember from his college career: Leading his team to a Conference championship and to a National Championship game through hard work and gritty determination.

Greatest NFL accomplishment: Winning almost as many Super Bowls as Eli Manning

Teammates: Mostly black


Cam Newton


Nickname: Scam Newton

Described as: 6’5”, athletic, fast, strong, well-spoken

Drinks: White people tears

Hobbies: Yelling at movie screens, probably

Wants only to win, but in an ‘uppity’, selfish way

Touchdown celebrations:  An affront to civility, sportsmanship, and God

Your grandfather says: “I don’t like the way he carries on.”

What people remember from his college career: Didn’t he steal a laptop or something?

Greatest NFL Accomplishment: Nearly sweeping the formidible NFC South in 2015

Teammates: Mostly black



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