Police Officer Shoots Todd Gurley During Breakaway Run, Claims Self Defense

RamsSan Francisco, CA – A police officer on duty at the 49ers game opened fire on running back Todd Gurley earlier today during a fast break , witnesses reported.  Officer Breck Miller claims he shot the Rams star player in self defense.

“He was running right toward the officer,” a spokesperson for officer Miller said in a statement following the game.  “He was carrying some form of projectile that might have been incendiary.  Officer Miller called out for him to drop the object, but he just lowered his head, knocked down another competitor and kept running toward.  Officer Miller had no other option but to open fire. ” The projectile referenced was later determined to be a football.

The San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office has indicated that it will not press charges.  “After an initial investigation, we have reviewed all the evidence and interviewed numerous witnesses,” said a spokesperson for the District Attorney.  “And we believe that given the information available at the time, Officer Miller acted reasonably under the circumstances.  Gurley was wearing a Rams jersey, which is a common gang uniform in St. Louis and was carrying an unidentified object that could have been construed as a weapon.  Witnesses reported that the victim had dreadlocks, numerous tattoos, and was wearing some form of body armor and he did not respond to numerous requests to freeze and drop the ball.”

Others were skeptical that the shooting may have had racial undertones in light of recent media attention given to other police shootings.

“I can assure you, Officer Miller is not a racist,” said a spokesman for the police department.  “He has an outstanding service record and several black best friends.  This was just an unfortunate incident that wouldn’t have happened if Gurley had just complied.  Officer Miller had the right to use deadly force, and the result would have been the same for anyone with a similar size, musculature, and skin color.”

When asked why the Rams white quarterback Case Keenum was never fired upon for carrying the same unidentified object, officer Miller replied, “Every time I ordered him to drop the ball, he immediately complied.”

Gurley was taken to the locker room for observation.  His return is questionable.


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