Best Baseball Teams From Around the Globe Descend on New York to Compete in World Series


New York, NY – Sixteen of the best baseball teams from around the globe will converge on New York to compete in the two-week long World Series tournament to decide Major League baseball’s champion.  Teams heralding from East Asia, Congo, and Kansas City are just a few of the competitors vying for the prestigious Commissioner’s Cup.

At one time referred to as the Championship Series of the United States, the modern World Series was instituted by Major league Baseball in 1903 as a match between the American and National Leagues.  After the sport took off in other nations, MLB realized it was pretentious and out of touch to continue calling it the World Series when only teams from one country competed, and thus added a franchise in Montreal, the Expos, in 1969.  Over the following years, additional leagues were formed, like the Mesoamerican League, the Baltic League, and the Zulu League, and a host of new teams, all battling for professional sports’ most hallowed prize.

Takuma Achira of the Chunichi Dragons was eager to begin the games.  “It is very humbling to be among these great athletes like Lagbara Sogo and Lon Huang and there are some pretty good players from the American leagues as well.  I am merely ready to move beyond the media circus and get to the games.”

Due to variations in rules between the leagues, such as five bases in the Nippon League, designated hitters in the American League, and the Indian League just playing cricket, home field advantage is critical, and is determined by best overall record.

Naturally most eyes are on the Chechan Rebels, heavy pre-tournament favorites, who are hoping to finally break through after back to back early playoff exits.   Star shortstop Vladimir Lyuba couldn’t resist taking a shot at their longstanding rival, the Kansas City Royals, winner of the American League by remarking, “We must break them.”

For the next two weeks, the eyes of the world will be on New York as children from across the globe emulate their heroes, Yi Yang, Burt Grobrobber, and Petrus Ludger with makeshift bats and balls of twine.

At press time, the Rebels were elated to have drawn the New York Mets in the first round, considering it tantamount to a first round bye.


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